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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 29, 2019 Governor Walz just signed an executive order to recommit Minnesota to tackle the "problem" of climate change. We are not hitting our goals in regulating emissions, so we've got to become even stricter in our regulations. MN has also joined the Under2 Coalition... when all else fails let's join another club. Joining this club guides governance and policy making towards driving the goal of zero emissions. The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board is going after cars to get people to take transit or drive electric vehicles. They will regulate every new development and building project. They even try to give "helpful hints" on how to make your next party or funeral environmentally friendly. They create a crisis and then tell us how to limit our lifestyles in order solve this manufactured problem. Our private property rights are being chipped away at, and sometimes being downright bulldozed over. We have to know what they are trying to do in order make sure we stand against their encroachments.

In the Local Lowdown, St. Cloud State is dropping it's football and golf to comply with Title IX. Apparently there are too many opportunities for men... but hey, at least they are adding soccer.

Under the catagory of worst ideas, the Mayor of Fairfield, Iowa was selected by a "blind drawing" after a tie. Why can't we take our elections seriously?

You also find out quite a bit about our own Andrew Richter in a rousing game of "Would You Rather".

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