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Community Solutions Podcast

Jan 12, 2020 We are going to jump right on the third rail issue of immigration today. Refugees have been getting placed here into tightly cloistered settlements in cities like St. Cloud and Worthington. We firmly believe that we need an improved immigration process to get more of the best people in here. We also believe that we need an orderly process, and it shouldn't be a free for all. President Trump signed Executive Order 13888 to give counties a choice as to whether they want to be part of the federal program to resettle refugees in their area. These counties are all upset that they are being given a choice instead of being forced by the Federal Government. What?!?!?! A few MN counties (such as Kandiyohi) have already opted in. Only one (Beltrami) has opted out. The problem isn't immigration. It is all of the free stuff given to refugees on the backs of residents. It becomes overwhelming to taxpayers when entire groups move in at once. 

In the Local Lowdown, the City of St. Paul has created a new office that handles Renters Rights, Worker's Co-ops, and children's college savings accounts. While handing out the rental licenses, they complain about the access to affordable housing. They have driven homeowners out of the city, to where there are disproportionately more renters. They have also implemented a policy that gives all children born in St. Paul a whopping $50 for college. Don't spend that all in one semester!

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