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Community Solutions Podcast

May 24, 2020  Hallelujah! The lockdown is finally ending! We have been waiting for weeks. First, we needed to flatten the curve and find more hospital beds. We did that, but it didn’t end anything. Then testing was promised and it didn’t happen. Protecting the vulnerable was promised weeks too late, and it still hasn’t happened. We’ve had plenty of quarantining the healthy. We’ve been told no non-essential businesses are to be open. Churches can’t practice their faith per the first amendment. Only essential travel was allowed and people are getting sick and tired of their imprisonment.

All indications were that the governor was going to extend the stay at home order into June. Twenty-four hours later the internet was abuzz with rumors that he was going to lift it. What changed in 24 hours? It sure wasn’t science.Let me tell you folks, it was purely political pressure. People are angry. Entrepreneurs are told that they can’t open their businesses, unless you are the friend of the Governor with a candy store or a big box store. Graduation parties were outlawed. Schools may not reopen in the fall. Camping is not allowed. Churches were restricted from doing most of their work. There is a list of restrictions a mile long and it’s as arbitrary as can be.

There is a growing list of businesses that were ready to open regardless of what the Governor says. The Catholic church was set to start masses again at a 30% capacity. People just started living again. There are lawsuits and protests against Governor Walz. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that it was not constitutional for Governor Evers to continue his lockdownPolice departments, sheriffs, counties, and cities are refusing to enforce the Governor’s orders. The governor had no choice but to back down and change course overnight. The handwriting is on the wall.

Is it really all over? Will he back off and let things happen? Retail stores will be open so long as they have a safety plan in place. Many other businesses (restaurants, bars, salons, etc) will still have to sit on the sidelines and wait for approval to earn a living. Churches can have services of 10 people (which is about the size of the staff needed to run a Sunday). Personal gatherings of 10 or fewer people are allowed. Summer camps, grad parties, sports… it’s still all up in the air. And then there’s always what happens if there is an uptick in cases again. No, we’re not yet out of the woods. Do not go back to sleep!

We also answer a listener question and pull back the curtain a little to explain some of the magic that makes the Community Solutions podcast work. Are we scripted? Do we rehearse? How much research do we actually do? How do we come up with our material for each episode? We spill the beans this week! Keep your questions coming!

Have you checked out our Spotify playlist? At the beginning of each episode Jason quotes some song lyrics that have to do with the subject matter of the podcast. Andrew never knows what they are, but now he can… and so can you! We’ve launched the Spotify playlist: “Community Solutions Music From the Podcast!” You can listen to Roundabout from Yes after listing to Episode 30 on Roundabouts… or kick back and enjoy a rocking playlist just for the thrill of it. We add a new song every week. Subscribe and enjoy!

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