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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 9, 2020 When we last left you, Minneapolis was being burned to the ground. Rioters were running rampant through the city. In just a week, the riots spread across the nation, and protests are being heard around the world. We watched our city burn, minority business owners lose their business, and our elected politicians sit on their hands until it was too late. Even now, they continue to pander, even with proof that radical anarchist groups like Antifa are fomenting so much of this violence.

What grand strategy is Minneapolis proposing to fix all of this? To dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department! Are they insane? Don't answer that. Minneapolis is going to lose business, conventions, sports revenue, and more. The council has a veto proof majority to do this, and there is nothing Mayor Jacob Frey will be able to do about it. To top it off, Anoka County Sheriff, James Stuart, has already stated on Twitter that he won't come bail them out if they go forward with this.

If this starts, where does it end? The Mayor of Los Angeles just took $150 Million away from the LAPD. This country is on the quick slide to lawlesness. We are discussing leaving our citizens in our cities defenseless. We will be first in line to condemn police officers that use unnecessary force. That stuff's got to stop. Most officers aren't like that though. There's got to be something we can do, and we need to act quick. We have to organize at the ballot box around our local elections. The time to ignore them is over. We need candidates. Fortunate thing... that's our specialty.

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