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Community Solutions Podcast

Jul 10, 2020 Back in the 20th century, we had a good idea of what socialism/communism were, and that we wanted no part of it. Within just a few short years, my how things have changed. Why has society seemed to disintegrate overnight? Believe me, this wasn't an accident or a surprise to those that have been pushing things in this direction over the last 100 years. Why are all of these people suddenly in favor of tearing everything down in order to implement something that is not at all American?

Karl Marx and Fredrich Engles wrote the Communist Manifesto, and laid out 10 planks of communism. We have implemented these planks in the United States to differing degrees. Traditionally, socialism has positioned itself as a worker's movement. In America, however, most workers are pretty satisfied. So, the Marxists have had to employ Karl Marx's Critical Theory to pull on issues like racism and homophobia to demonize capitalism and those that support it. These ideas have taken root in the policies of local governments. We see everything from defunding the police, to the dishonest 1619 Project in our schools, the calls for equity, and Marxists roaming our streets and making policy in our city councils. We have to learn how to identify Marxism before it takes hold at the local level and becomes impossible to uproot.

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