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Community Solutions Podcast

Jul 21, 2020 It’s peak COVID Day!!! Well, at least it was supposed to be, but the experts were once again waaaaaayyy off. They were only off, however by 96% on occupied hospital beds and 99% off in deaths. Yet the emergency continues. Had enough of the scam, Minnesota?

How do you know how dishonest a city or county government is? Look no further than mandatory mask laws. More and more Minnesota entities are falling for this canard. Now, we’re not saying that masks don’t work at all, but when these people that kayak or bicycle by themselves with a mask on and then demand of Governor Walz that every Minnesotan (even those in Lake of the Woods County, which has zero recorded cases) strap these suffocation machines to their face, they actually believe that their voice is more equal than yours. There are times when (even) Andrew and Jason choose to wear them when around more vulnerable people, but  to suggest that we aren’t smart enough to choose as to whether we can social distance on our own, whether we wear a mask or not in each situation, or whether to enter into a certain area, tells us that certain people believe that we’re too stupid to think for ourselves. Our guaranteed freedom leaves the choice with us, not some all-knowing authoritarian.

Governor Walz  is continuing his perpetual state of emergency until August 12th (for now). He wants to be able to have dictatorial powers over whether the schools open or not in the fall. The Senate has voted again to end the “emergency”, but the House has opted to continue. We’re not even following laws anymore. We’re being ruled by executive orders, and it’s not the American way.

A number of Minnesota universities, cities, and counties have passed regulations that require face masks be worn. The list is growing as more places consider it. Don’t be surprised if a statewide mandate comes down the pike at some point. The governor is trying to bribe House Republicans to pass it.

Also, we show you how local governments sell big new projects a la Plymouth’s proposed $52 million Plymouth Creek Center project (plus an additional $9 million in renovations). Beware, so that you can spot their tactics in your city!

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