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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 1, 2021 A year ago, the Minneapolis City Council was dead set on not defunding, but dismantling, the Minneapolis Police Department. To do this, they would have to change the city charter, which required a police presence, including minimums per capita. The Charter Commission wasn't having any of that. Either a "yes" or "no" vote on the proposal would put the issue back with the City Council for certain approval. Instead, they decided to table the proposal, putting it on hold for 90 days... and past the date of the election, tying the council's hands. Now there is a "citizen-led" group (with the help of the ACLU, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, and a whole mess of other radical groups) called Yes For Minneapolis that has one goal: to finish the work that the city council couldn't get done. They circulated a petition to change the city charter, removing the police department entirely, and replacing it with the Department of Public Safety. They may or may not have to hire police at all, depending on the situation. What? Have they looked at the exponential rise in crime, shootings, and murder in Minneapolis? I can't think of a worse solution.

Yes For Minneapolis is made of a bunch of also ran groups like Sex Workers Outreach Project Minneapolis, Reviving Sisterhood, Reclaim the Block, Education for Liberation, Women for Political Change, and others. Why are the 5% leading the 95% around? Why is the majority so scared of these radical groups? They are working to get this on the ballot for this coming November. You had better pray that this goes over like lead balloon, because once the police are gone, all the criminals will come here and the suburbs will be in their sights as well. Minneapolis needs to learn to be a good neighbor to the rest of the metro area. They are not an island unto themselves. Should they succeed with this proposal, they should come under an avalanche of lawsuits from the surrounding cities. They have a duty to do their fair share in protecting and serving the Metro area.

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