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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 17, 2021 We're well aware of the government push to co-opt and brainwash our children. Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center got together to form a shared powers agreement called The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth. The say their mission is to engage the youth... Their board is made up of city council members, school district board members, county board members, college administration, and police chiefs. They also bring in partners like the Blandin Foundation, National League of Cities, Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, Every Hour Counts, Healthy Community Initiative... and corporate partners like Boston Scientific, United Way, Topline Credit Union, Twin West Chamber of Commerce, and Cummins. Their leadership all comes from academia and government.

This group is talking about things like college readiness, but using tactics like social-emotional learning to keep students from evaluating facts, so that they can judge the world through their feelings. They are trying to raise activists that will fight for "social justice" and "racial equity", instead of critical thinkers. Why are we trying to make everyone homogeneous? Why is no one supposed to stand out? We are on a path to being subservient. Once they overthrow those that love liberty, the clamps will come down on us all. We must stand up while we still have time.

We also discuss the passing of the late Bob Dole and the shallow pool of MN Gubernatorial Candidates, despite all of the weaknesses that define Governor Walz.

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