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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 17, 2022

Hennepin County and the Met Council are in agreement that the Blue Line Extension light rail will go right up the gut of County Rd 81, but who else is in agreement? This story goes back decades to the Bottineau Boulevard Partnership, where all the cities on the line, Hennepin County, Target Corp, Olympus, North Memorial Hospital, and others all had a special club to get this project approved and built. One huge catch... the residents don't want it. It doesn't matter how much the people protest it, government knows better. They will push this through by hook or by crook (probably by crook).

This has been a debacle since the beginning. The county spent millions of dollars to do impact studies, plan the project, and begin selling it to the public. They never talked to the BNSF railroad who was not willing to sell their line (ruh-roh). Maybe that should have come first. Needless to say, even that isn't enough to stop these knuckleheads. Oh no, because it is racist to not have light rail to connect affordable housing to work, never mind that most people don't live of work near a light rail line. It's time to give you an update on this dumpster fire of a project.

We also talk some of the recent primaries that have captured our attention and Governor Walz's veto record.

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