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Community Solutions Podcast

Oct 25, 2022 Everybody in Federal, State, and local government, along with almost all businesses are pushing ESG scores.... you know, Environmental, Social, and Governance scores that business and government are colluding on to control anyone that wants to stand up and do it differently. It's the climate change agenda, like no more combustion engines, retrofitting buildings, and reducing meat consumption. It's the adoption of anti-white, pro-LGTBQ agenda, CRT promoting practices. It is also the rules around these actions that dictate city ordinances, put Equity Coordinators in every organization, and refuse lending to those with bad ESG scores. It's so pervasive, so how do we cut this off at the local level? What power do we have?

We discuss some solutions for cities and counties that will help make them independent, instead of being reliant on the government that is trying to enslave them. This can affect lending and local government aid. Remember that money that comes from Federal and State governments comes with strings, so that they can push their agenda. It is also very important that cities strengthen themselves with a good city charter and a strong mayor. You must speak out! Give us your ideas in the comments!

We also discuss our favorite (and least favorite) states, our thoughts on the upcoming election results, and a conversation Jason got to have with Hennepin County Commissioner, Jeff Lunde concerning the Blue Line Extension .

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