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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 7, 2022 There are a whole bunch of things to consider when you step into the booth to vote. We've heard so many times about how difficult it is to know which local candidates to vote for. It can be easy to cast a vote when a candidate is a Republican or a Democrat. They are a little more publicized. You kind of know where they stand on things. Nonpartisan races don't work like that, and that's a good thing. You have to do a little more work. There are usually a couple ways to vote for local candidates: randomly pick one or skip it altogether. It's common to see fewer votes in these races. These races are too important for that. You've got to do some homework, and we're going to go through our ballots to show how we do it.

There are multiple places to find information on local candidates. Find out if there was a local candidate forum and watch it. You can learn a lot, if the questions are good. Google the candidate names. You can go to view your sample ballot on the Secretary of State's website. Candidate websites are linked to the page before you go to your sample ballot. There's some great info there. You can go to the Secretary of State's Candidate Filings and find some websites linked there too. We'll clue you in to some of the buzzwords the radicals use. We'll even shed some light on the dreaded backside of the ballot. You've got to go in informed. Don't leave local races blank. Don't just fill them in. Local elections really do matter.

We also discuss the latest KSTP poll, among others, and which statewide candidates are in some real trouble. We also make more bold predictions about next Tuesday.

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