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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 28, 2022 It's time once again to do the mess around. We are going to take you to some The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood association in Minneapolis is pushing to rename Marcy Park. I'm sure that no one even knows who William Marcy was, but yet we need to erase our history. Keith Ellison waved his hand, and the Minnesota Department of Education decided that there will be no alternate lunches given (i.e. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) for students that have outstanding lunch debt. They have called this out as "lunch shaming" because it makes people feel bad to be singled out. A school district in North Dakota is scrapping the Pledge of Allegiance because it's discriminatory and "simply not true". We really are getting dumber by the day.

Golden Hills Elementary School in California is looking into starting an after-school Satan club. Is there no end to the attempt to destroy our kids? No report would be complete without a story from Robbinsdale Public Schools. There have been multiple gun and other safety issues at their schools. The District has stated for the record how serious they are about safety, saying that police will NOW be notified if there is a report of a gun on campus. They didn't call before? The District has known about safety deficiencies in their schools for years, and they have done nothing to fix these issues. Also, Nikole Hannah-Jones (creator of the 1619 Project) is being invited to speak at the U of M, even though her garbage-history curriculum has been debunked.

We also discuss the craziness of the many races that are still not completely tallied, two weeks later. There's no reason to not have these winners declared. Also, there is some talk about the state taking up the legalization of marijuana and sports gambling. We take a look at the possible consequences and how to handle it.

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