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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 8, 2023 There is no end to the amount of money that government is asking from us. The problem is that the costs grow out of control as we implement all of these new green regulations. Thrifty is a word not found in the government dictionary. Stearns County wants a new jail, but it will cost at least $300 million, which is only three times what they originally thought. They want to pay for this jail with a local option sales tax, which hits the poorest people the hardest. And hey... the county may annex some township land and acquire some businesses to boot.

Remember that new Vikings stadium we just bought seven years ago? Well they want another $280 million for maintenance, and $48 million this year alone. They paid $527,500 to have the building assessed. They need the money for weather stripping, a broken sign, and to put into their A/V system.

Cities and counties are writing plans on how to renovate everything, making sure that they can make all of their green updates. They get all sorts of funding from the Federal and state governments, but there are always strings attached. Groups like Drive Electric Minnesota make zoning recommendations to move cities toward zero emissions. How do we get a handle on this and drive back the push to remake America in the image of autocrats?

We also discuss the recent indictment and case against President Donald Trump. Most people, regardless of affiliation, are in agreement that this is political. How is this going to play out? It's throwing a bunch of gasoline on a fire that was already coming to finish the job it already started. All we know is that this is just warming up.

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