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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 15, 2017 First off, super important, breaking news! If you have a smart phone (and who doesn't) you can now subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Just type in Community Solutions, and you can hear every episode of The Community Solutions Podcast. You can binge listen, just like on Netflix! So please subscribe today and share with everyone you know! Let's get the word out!

That leads us to this week's episode. Today we are discussing Ranked Choice Voting. You may or may not have had exposure to this idea, but it is a very real thing, as cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul (and even the state of Maine!) have tried to go down this road. Does it give more opportunity to less popular parties, or just secure election for the most popular one? Does it allow for more clarity in the election process, or muddy the waters, allowing for questions in the result. Should cities decide how they vote, or the Secretary of State's office? There are so many questions around this practice. I hope that this show will help you form an educated opinion about it.