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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 14, 2017 In this episode, we discuss the common misnomer that you can say that your state is of a political persuasion when you are worried about the state level races and not the local ones. So much money passes through local governmental bodies, and combined, more than at the state level. Regulations that cannot get through state legislatures are being implemented directly at the local level (i.e. increasing minimum wage, raising the minimum age to buy tobacco, ranked choice voting, etc...). We have to start taking nonpartisan races seriously. We have to start filling advisory commissions. Every year that goes by, and we think that these races and appointed seats don't matter, is another year we miss out on building a solid political foundation. It's like building a million dollar house on a foundation of crumbling cement block. No matter how sturdy that house looks, it's being undermined by a foundation that refuses to support the house. Serving in local government is not a lesser job. We have to realize this and fix the problem.