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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 19, 2018 It's that special time of year again for selflessness and giving with a joyful heart... and by giving, I mean government taking more from the people. And by joyful hearts, I mean frustration as we look at our bank accounts, because the tax increases we pay equal or eclipse the raises we get every year. The extra we get to cover inflation instead goes to feed a greedy government that demands that it gets fed first. You've heard it said that taxation is theft. It is definitely an act of violence, but one that has become more and more egregious over time. Few would argue there are some things that are necessary for us to pay for, because we benefit from them. We left the land of necessary a long, long time ago.

Local tax levies are going up almost everywhere. The average increase across the state is going to be 5.7%-6.2%. That's an increase from your city, your county, and your school district. There are some tax increases that are unbelievably large, and I'm sure you can guess some of the worst offenders. Some tax increases were smaller... but still tax increases nonetheless. We are going to go through a number of these growing levies across the state, and what you are getting for all of your hard-earned dollars (spoiler alert: there's a whole lot of debt payments and government employee raises and benefit increases). 

In a related issue, we also take a few minutes to discuss the obscene $1.5 Billion "surplus", I mean overtaxation, from the state of Minnesota. As if this wasn't enough, the incoming governor says that he's not ruling out massive tax increases on top of it. We break that down for you here.

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