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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 20, 2022 Most of us believe that cities, counties, and towns should be able to self-determine, but there are a lot of state statutes that put limits on what these governments are willing to do. Some Minnesota cities choose to be statutory cities that are heavily determined by the state legislature, although some cities choose to be home rule charter cities, where they can create many of their own rules. Where is that line where a state legislature can intervene into the way a city is run? How much local control is appropriate? Minnesota is toying with legislation to force cities into storing the property of homeless people from encampments that get shut down for 30 days.

It may seem like an easy answer (most control should be local), but what kind of a case can we make for it? It might seem easy on the way government is organized and the ordinances by which they run the city... but what about how they vote? What about how many ways should local government be able to tax you? What about cities that want to defund or dismantle police? What about if there is an effect on surrounding cities because of your decisions... then what is your responsibility? Let us know your thoughts on these issues!

We also discuss the recent appointment of Justice Katanji Brown-Jackson to the Supreme Court. How can someone that can't tell the difference between genders be qualified to rule on anything? Yet, here we go. Just wait for these amazing rulings to be handed down.

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