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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 21, 2019 For as long as this country has existed, it's bedrock has been faith. Starship may have built this city on rock and roll, but we built this country on a deep-seated faith in God. It does not mean that government is run by religion or vice-versa, but rather that it was constructed on Judeo-Christian principles. The lines between government and faith have become majorly blurred as our society has allowed their faith to become colored by the state of our society. On one hand, some have given less of their time and money to help the less fortunate. On the other, some have pushed for greater government involvement to make up for the lack.

As of late, some have begun to join forces with socialists to create partnerships between government and faith groups to implement programs that strip individuals of the choice to be generous, and instead just take it. One such group is Isaiah MN. Their board is made up of more social workers and those with a government background than representatives from the faith community, and they have ties to CAIR. They are calling for everything from driver's licenses for immigrants, to 100% clean energy, MNCare for all, child care assistance, and more. They use religious texts (but not in context) to back up their position, and use willing pastors to enlist their congregations to fight for these concepts. Isaiah has events coming up around the state real soon. We ask you to go and let us know what happens. This is a dangerous concept, because once socialist government gets their claws into this space, they will not leave willingly.

Also, we give our take on the fallout from the release of the Muller Report. We take our fellow media cohorts to task and

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