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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 25, 2020 So Minneapolis wants to get rid of their police department, huh? The call spread like wildfire across the nation to either defund or disband the various police departments altogether. Minneapolis unanimously passed a resolution to start delegating some of the tasks to social workers and other bureaucrats. They are unable to disband the police entirely, due to the provisions set forth in Minneapolis' City Charter (7.3(c)). It says "Funding. The City Council must fund a police force of at least 0.0017 employees per resident, and provide for those employees' compensation, for which purpose it may tax the taxable property in the City up to 0.3 percent of its value annually." They would have to put the matter to a public ballot, and we doubt that they have the public support to pass the measure. We know, however, that we will have to watch how the question is phrased, because they will try to make it as confusing as possible.

The federal, state, and local governments are all scrambling over themselves to do "something". Do they focus on the violence? Do they call out radical groups like Antifa as part of the problem? Of course not! The problem is strictly the police and those individuals who don't subscribe to their "woke" philosophy. Last week the Democrats introduced a list of Police Accountability and Reform Legislative Priorities. It addressed all sorts of great things like: use of force, alternatives to policing, police oversight reform, voting restoration (what?), community healing (again, what?), independent prosecution and investigation reform, training expansion, and warrior training and choke holds prohibited. What are we doing? We're going to run into doing "something" so fast, that we're going to be less safe and less free. This will only empower the radicals.

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