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Community Solutions Podcast

Dec 23, 2021 This year, the state of Minnesota is boasting a $7.7 Billion surplus. That's our money... I mean it's really our money, as we've overpaid our taxes, and this is what's left after everything has been paid. Of course that answer is clear, they're going to send it back, right? After all, that's what Governor Ventura did. Not so fast... our government (both Republicans and Democrats) is already discussing how they want to spend this money that they never had the right to collect in the first place.

Oh, and everyone has their hands out looking for special treatment. Education MN is asking for payouts from this sum for bonuses. What?!?!?! They didn't want to work for over a year during the pandemic! Cities are already asking for extra Local Government Aid to the tune of a $90 million increase. School districts want their share. Then there is adding to our existing mass transit fleet, Transit-Oriented Development, high density housing, and all the government boondoggles that can't ever seem to grab enough of our tax dollars.

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