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Community Solutions Podcast

Jun 27, 2022 

Just about every city has a set of zoning laws. Things are broken up into residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural... and even with Residential you have low density (R1), medium density (R2), and high density (R3). It is becoming racist and exclusionary to build single family homes. Cities are jumping on this bandwagon with square footage minimums and maximums. At the same time cities are decrying "white people" for home ownership, they tear down starter homes to build McMansions because of the tax implications.

The League of MN Cities is advocating (with 96 other cities) for a resolution that allows cities to override state ordinances to stand for the needs of their communities in zoning. The problem is that it has no teeth and accomplishes nothing. In House File 3256 (“Legalizing Affordable Housing Act”), it destroys local zoning laws from the top down. The move is to create smaller lots to fit in more homes, as these cities try to drive a desired behavior. Why does government have to dictate everything?

We also discuss all the talk about gun control in America, and if we are holding other countries to the same standard for the weapons we send overseas to other countries. We also try to figure out why Republicans are going along with some of it. It's no secret that these "Red Flag Laws" are an open door to find a reason to take away someone's 2nd Amendment rights. Is anyone on the side of liberty anymore?

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