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Community Solutions Podcast

Sep 2, 2022  The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers recently agreed to a stipulation in their contract that white teachers will get laid off before educators of other races. Wow, racist much? They say that minority teachers can never make it because all the white teachers have seniority. This is a clear case study in antiracism. Remember, antiracism isn't being against racism, it's using discrimination against a so-called group of "oppressors" to level the playing field for an identified group of "victims". The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers says that they are "extremely proud" of the language in the contracts. They say racist things like students learn best from teachers who look like them. What? So white teachers are incapable of teaching BIPOC students? It gets better... they go on to say that white student benefit from teachers of color. I guess white teachers are no longer needed. White people must pay for their racist sins. How do you like your antiracism now?

Will this bleed into other sectors of public employment? Government administration? Police? What about in the private sector? ESG scores are already driving this in corporate boards and upper leadership. It only makes sense that we'll see it in the lower ranks as well. It's amazing to see the media slant to laud this policy and demonize anyone that speaks out against it.

We also discuss the recent attempt of the Executive Branch to erase student debt. Why is that our issue? Why is college so expensive? What can we do to change the culture around higher education? We try to tackle the problems and the solutions.

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