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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 1, 2022 Today we bring you the story of some Minnesota cities that have asked for obscene amounts of taxpayer money to pay for things that they haven't planned for in advance or that nobody wants. There hasn't been so much begging for pork since the 1930's.

Emily Larson, mayor of Duluth, took a taxpayer-funded trip to Washington DC in order to visit with lobbyists, senators, and whomever will listen in order to beg for money for the Arial Lift Bridge ($15 million), the Blatnik Bridge, the RAISE grant ($25 million), and more. It cost the residents of Duluth $932 for airfare and $647 for the hotel bill. At least the city will have room to live under the bridge they are trying to spend money on.

The Twin Cities Boulevard is back in the news. Minneapolis and St Paul are applying for a federal grant to ask for money to begin to move forward with ripping up I-94 through the heart of the Cities to put up a boulevard with stop lights. Who will stand up and stop this before it's too late.

Chisholm hasn't chosen to save money for a new fire station in about 100 years, so they are begging for other's people money to do it. Aurora needs a new water treatment plant, and rather than saving for it over the last seventy years, they want a handout from the federal government.

We also discuss our bold predictions on the upcoming midterm elections and review the Oz/Fetterman debate for Pennsylvania Senate.

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