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Community Solutions Podcast

Oct 26, 2023 If we want to change the direction of our government, it takes us getting serious about our local elections. Top-down government never works, but yet we almost completely ignore the offices that are closest to us. The real problem is that we are playing a game that progressives created and wrote the rules to. Almost every city in Minnesota (and really, in the nation) are either a weak mayor/council or manager/council form of government. The progressives created this so that administrators could run the day-to-day operations of the government.

Our government was set up to have separation of powers to limit the strength and function of each branch. We need to have some elected representation to provide oversight of the city employees. That should be the function of the mayor. The mayor should decide the direction of the administration, have veto power, propose a budget, etc. Stong mayors have traditionally had a full-time position, and in smaller cities, that's just not feasible. We lay out a case for a new approach to all local government bodies, starting with the history, methodology, and our ideas for necessary reforms in order to strengthen the local government against the state and federal government, but make it more responsible to the people.

We give our early take on the horrific attack of Hamas upon Israel. We lay out the ten-cent history of the area to give you insight into the events that led up to this war. It's a take you won't get in too many other places. We also discuss our thoughts about how 2024 is shaping up.

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