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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 28, 2019 There is an initiative floating around in local government circles called Welcoming Cities. It sounds great, doesn't it? I mean, we want to be friendly and welcoming to everyone that comes to our city. We want our new residents to feel included and participate in the fabric of our segment of society. We want visitors to enjoy themselves, spend money with our businesses, and desire to come back for another visit. As with all progressive programs, however, it is named something positive like "Candy Super Fun Factory", while in reality it's a program to do away with the free market system. It's no different here. This is a program that sounds like it helps immigrants get acclimated to living in America, but instead it is a way to bribe illegal immigrants to take advantage of generous welfare packages. Of course there are metro and out-state Minnesota cities that have classified themselves as "Welcoming Cities". Grab onto your wallet and buckle in!

In the Local Lowdown, we discuss an ongoing lawsuit, where a citizen group in St. Cloud is suing the city for selling a swath of land to Costco for what they assert to be way below market value, and an illegal sale. We give you the skinny on some big time corporate welfare.

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