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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 8, 2019 It is that time again, where cities have passed their preliminary levies, and are beginning to discuss what the final numbers will be come December. Truth in taxation hearings will be occurring in about a month, but we've got the bad news for you early. The levy can't go past the preliminary amount, but it usually doesn't change either. We take a look at a few cities and counties like Detroit Lakes, Forest Lake, St. Louis County, New Hope, and St. Paul. Some of these preliminary levies are huge. Others may not seem large, until you couple the higher city taxes with the increased county and school levies as well. All levels of government seem to keep asking for more and more money, and we take home less and less. A couple of these places have increased taxes so much (again) that you'd think that people would brandish torches and pitchforks and run for office themselves, but in these cities... You're going to want to hear these so you can be aware of what's coming to your community.

In the Local Lowdown, we discuss the push for walkability in current planning trends. It's the goal to make all development more compact so that people can walk to get groceries, do their laundry, or eat out. They implement SMART Growth policies like mixed use development, Transit Oriented Development, wider sidewalks, parking maximums, etc. They try to encourage walking and discourage driving by building these miniature communities that have everything you need. The war on cars is alive and well!

We also discuss the recent move by the NBA to support the Chinese Government over Hong Kong. Don't worry, they've only killed about 60 million people. Let me know how that works out for ya.

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