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Community Solutions Podcast

Nov 13, 2019 Educators for Excellence is a national group with local chapters (Minnesota is no exception), that is looking to get teachers elected to state and federal office. Their positions are far left, and they are determined to get them implemented. They are anti-school choice, in favor of equity over equality, and against discipline. They don't believe that grades are fair and we find ourselves removing every form of reward for those students that are driven to achieve. They want to increase diversity in the work force over just hiring good teachers. They are for open borders. Despite being a state-wide group, all of their leadership is straight out of Minneapolis/St. Paul (minus one from Mankato). They are a well-funded group from foundations and large companies. They are moving forward with their goals to elect far-left people, so are we going to put up some opposition? We need your help Minnesota!

We also discuss the recent case in Texas, where a child's mother has been attempting to change her eight year old son's gender against the father's wishes. The judge had originally sided with the mother, but that may be changing. This is child abuse, plain and simple. Someone needs to put their foot down before a generation of kids are so messed up that we never recover.

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