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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 20, 2020  Well, we are in the middle of an indefinite lockdown, and I think we are all losing track of time. That’s OK, because according to the federal government and the state of Minnesota, money is flowing like water! It’s true and you are able to get your hands on some of that green yourself... or maybe not.

Business are able to line up for emergency cash to keep their bills and employees paid, but who’s getting it? Big retailers like Sears, JCPenney, and J.Crew are on life-support.

In the recent federal stimulus bill, $300 Million was given to the Social Security Administration to keep the bureau running. $50 Million went to the Institute of Museum and Library services.  $75 Million was earmarked to PBS. How is that essential? $1 Billion was sent to Amtrak. $350 Million was spent in refugee assistance and resettlement. Free video conferencing and phone calls were legislated for inmates. How necessary is all of this?

Minnesota has also passed four of their own bailout bills. They authorized the Met Council to buy protective equipment for Metro Transit employees. They allowed for local governments to get around compliance with open meeting laws. And they spent a ton more.

We also discuss all of the recent authoritarian behavior from local governments and state governments against religion. We have seen too many instances in Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, and other states that have outright forbid people of faith from getting together at all, even with safe social distancing. These stories are a direct infringement upon the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and in some cases state constitutions as well. If we do not have rights now, during this time… Then we really do not have rights at all, for our rights do not protect us when things are going well, but are rather here to protect us when things are falling apart.

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