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Community Solutions Podcast

May 11, 2020 Governor Walz is continuing his ridiculous shutdown order, and fiddling while Rome burns. There appears to be no science to what is locked down and why. You can buy things at multi-billion dollar Target corp, but can't buy those same things at a small business. We are being tracked and traced on our cell phones to see if we're social distancing (we're not). People are not being allowed to have graduation parties at their own homes. 

Did you know that the Minnesota constitution allows for the Governor to run a perpetual state of emergency if the legislature doesn't specifically vote to stop it? Why haven't we fixed this? We are stuck in this lockdown until Walz decides to end it.

The good news is that people (and local governments) are starting to fight back. They are taking their lives back from the stranglehold that is this Stay at Home order. Barber, Milan Dennie, in St. Paul opened up his shop with precautions in place, becaue he couldn't afford to stay closed anymore. He was raided by the local police and could be fined up to $25,000. He's not the only person opening and preparing to open back up. It is time that more people resist. The city of Lakefield, MN passed a resolution to not use any city resources to enforce Governor Walz's executive orders. Roseau passed a resolution to ask the governnor to allow businesses to open. McLeod County also unanimously passed their own resolution to ask for an end to the order. Some Metro churches and small business have also filed a lawsuit to reopen business.

We also give you our analysis on the Joe Biden/Tara Ried situation. The media (as usual) is ignoring anything that goes against their slant and it's destoying the people's faith in being able to find truth anywhere. Big Tech is supressing information they don't like. Where do we go when the fix is in?

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