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Community Solutions Podcast

May 25, 2021 There is an assault against our rural areas. All across our nation, most of the land mass is rooted in common sense. That doesn't stop progressives from trying to change the political opinions of those that live outside the big cities and the suburbs. We've seen the urban and suburban areas get bluer, but the countryside seems to get redder. Well, we certainly can't have that. Who knew that there was a movement going on to make the rural areas accept equity and sustainability, and they are using the arts to do it? Does art lead culture, or is it the other way around?

There has been a lot of pressure on rural communities to become Welcoming Cities, by adopting the program as part of their social outreach to bring equity everywhere. The Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO) has begun to push the ten Minnesota regional development organizations toward implementing these projects. Region 5 (the regional development organization over Crow Wing and Morrison County) has gone gangbusters in creating programs in its various cities. It has been working with outside organizations with money and power to start these programs.

Chris Lindholm, the superintendent of the Pequot Lakes school district got into some trouble with the parents of his district. He created a video that blamed the residents of Pequot Lakes for being unwelcoming and biased. The video was posted to a site that is run by a leftist group called Voices for Rural Resilience (and has since been made private), whose goal is to spread their ideals about sustainability and critical race theory by using the arts. They are working in tandem with the Department of Public Transformation to implement "radical transformation" (exact quote). This project is being funded by the far-left McKnight Foundation. The Pequot Lakes School District held a work session that was open to the public, but refused to give the public an opportunity to speak their mind. The school district has sent multiple people to learn from the SEED project, and we're surprised at the radical agenda being implemented in our classrooms? We can't continue to check out on local government.

Governor Walz just got together with Rep Melissa Hortman and Senator Paul Gazelka and passed a $52 billion state budget. Is there any difference between the parties? Why are we even pretending there are two parties? Who is looking out for us?

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