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Community Solutions Podcast

Aug 3, 2021 Hiring an Equity Coordinator is all the rage right now in cities, school districts, and counties. That would be all well and good if equity meant the same as equality, but it doesn't. Equality is the equalization of opportunity. Equity is the equalization of outcome; two very different things. This is where certain groups of people play their little word games, making you feel all warm and fuzzy, while they undermine everything you believe in. Antiracism sounds good. Most people are anti-racism. But that's not good enough... antiracism (per author Ibrahim Kindi) allows for discrimination against "the oppressors" in order to level the playing field. What? I believe very few people are in favor of that. Yet in most cities, this seems to be a solution looking for a problem.

Cities like Plymouth want to look like they are up with the times. I mean, who wants to get cancelled, right? So cities like Plymouth hire these equity coordinators to come in and search out the problems that may or may not even be present. They are tasked with looking at city core values, mission statements, and policies through the lens of race and inclusion. How about we look at things as they are, rather than tainted through a lens? There is certainly racism in our country (much of it by white liberals against other whites), but it's not showing its ugly face by the sins of southern slave owners resurfacing in today's whites. That's just not true.

This is coming in to all of our cities, schools, and counties. We are hiring activists to come in and push their advocacy on our dime, rather than growing a backbone against the growing shadow of Marxism.

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