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Community Solutions Podcast

Sep 13, 2021 Robbinsdale Public Schools has a vacancy on it's school board, and guess what? They are going to have an appointment! Providing for the people to select their own is government is one of the most basic and fundamental functions of government. Instead, they are appointing someone. Big surprise. We went to war with Great Britain because we had taxation without representation. These government people claim that they are saving us all this money by not having a special election. Yet, they don't blink to spend millions of dollars on other things.

You'll never guess who threw their lot in for that spot... ReNae J Bowman. We have a long history with Ms Bowman, and she is so qualified, that she won't even need our endorsement. She states that one of her qualifications was the number of votes she received. That's a qualification? We review a few previous articles that have her applauding a friend that mused about clotheslining children, lied to residents about the local reliever airport, and called a local black man a "Republikkan". She has no place near our children. Please stop.

We also take a look at the early rumblings of the upcoming MN Governor's race. Dr Scott Jenson is in. Michelle Benson is in. House Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is getting things squared away to get in. Will any of them beat Walz? Also, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' approval numbers are in the dumper. We discuss why.

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