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Community Solutions Podcast

May 13, 2022 I know that we'd like to think that our local elected officials are geniuses that know exactly what to do to move your city into the future. What if I told you, however, that these ideas actually come from groups like the League of MN Cities, The National League of Cities, The American Planning Association, etc. The cities do this, but so do the counties, school boards, soil and water conservation districts, etc... Your local government loves to act like they have done this all on their own, but they are really following a bigger plan being handed down to them by bigger organizations.

These ideas are in every city, no matter its size, or how rural or urban. It's why we see bike lanes in small towns, roundabouts in the middle of nowhere, and high-rise apartment buildings in every city that will have them. They hire racial equity coordinators to "keep the peace", even in communities that are almost completely one race, and there's no known racial issues to confront. We also have found a city with over 140 roundabouts! Conservative local politicians have to stop implementing the liberal ideas of their liberal staff. Start looking at these policies against the backdrop of your values.

We take a short trip down memory lane on episode 250. Also, we discuss a prediction Jason made a long time ago that came to fruition regarding a certain candidate in the special election down in CD1.

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