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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 5, 2023 Property ownership is a bedrock of American society. It has been ingrained in the fabric of our great country since before the beginning. Yet, government has found a way to confiscate our property, despite what the constitution says. Government came up with eminent domain as a way to take that property back. They would just take what they wanted, when they wanted it. Then laws were tightened after the Kelo v New London case at the Supreme Court. This was a terrible decision that set lawmakers to tightening up the laws around eminent domain.

Minnesota statutes state that there are certain situations in which the government can take your land. What does it mean when a property is blighted? What is "public use"? Of course these are defined very vaguely, so that the government still has the greatest opportunity to get what they want. The growing fascism in this country (and the world) has brought government and business together to take from the people, so that we are completely dependent on them. It's time for local governments to take action to further protect property rights by narrowing the scope under when eminent domain is allowed. We've got some ideas on how to start.

We also discuss how the schools are losing touch with all common sense. With the recent blizzard, Robbinsdale schools closed for three days way too early... but the State High School Girls Hockey Tournament went forward as planned that night. Ummmm...? Our schools are in trouble and they don't seem to be getting any better. They are drifting further into propaganda and losing their neighborhood feel. Somebody help?

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