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Community Solutions Podcast

Mar 15, 2023 I'm not sure that anyone can explain how property taxes are figured out, but we're going to give it a shot. You get the county, the city, and the school district, all with their hands in the pie. There are 47-some classifications of properties, despite there being four main classifications (residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural). But as with all things, government makes everything more complicated. Also, your home value is not tied to how much you pay. Your taxes do not move up and down with your home value. They figure out how much money they need, and break it up among property owners based on your property.

Leave it to government to confuse the issue further, with a number of levies for each government body. Schools have operating levies and deferred maintenance levies. Hennepin county has the general levy, but also a Railroad Authority levy and a Housing Authority levy. Why don't they just take the money and split it up afterward? We take a stab at some solutions for a simpler way of figuring out and assessing property taxes. Maybe we're on to something?

We also discuss Tim Walz's strange behavior in rushing to sign an executive order where the state of Minnesota will not assist another state when an adult bring a child into the state for gender-affirming care, even if it's illegal in the state they are coming from or the adult has no legal right to bring the child to Minnesota. They are refusing to get involved, even if the adult is breaking the law (i.e. non-custodial parent or other adult bringing a child without parental consent). Our state government has lost it's ever-lovin' mind, and we're all suffering for it, despite the fact that 49% of the state didn't vote for these clowns.

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