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Community Solutions Podcast

Apr 18, 2018 In this episode, Jason and Andrew address the "mysterious" achievement gap in our public school system. Is the achievement gap real, perceived, or manufactured? How can it best be measured? Is every child created the same? It is the go-to issue that our schools claim is holding back minorities and children raised in poverty. Is our current system of educating best serving our children or the public appearance of the school districts that claim to serve them. How much is actually aimed at helping our students verses some sort of territoriality to keep alternate forms of education in the shadows? For a group of folks that say they hate monopolies, their monopoly is among the most fierce. So what do we do? How do we better equip our kids to succeed, because the system most of them are in now is failing them. It's antiquated and has no real answers other than raising more money, of which untold amounts go into facilities, pensions, and programs that don't seem to provide any results. There has to be a better way. Join the conversation, and let's give them a solution to make the future as bright as possible for our children.

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