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Community Solutions Podcast

Aug 15, 2018 There is a movement out there to make sure that the government provides income to people for... well, we're not sure. Some cities are toying with the concept of Universal Basic Income, where a small subset of seemingly random residents get some small stipend of money, for... well, there seems to be no criteria at all. Cities like Seattle, Stockton, and Chicago are pushing for it, but it's not a new idea either. It seems like it's been around for a long time, but the push in America started in the Progressive Era.  The strange thing about it? There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how it is distributed, and the amount given seems to be little more than a nod to the plight of the poor, rather than a solution to it. Is it part of what we can expect under a new set of American values? How do the socialists, being small in number, drive our national policy? Get to know more about it before your city decides to try it on in the name of equity.

In the Local Lowdown, Eric Lammle is finally stepping down in New Hope, leaving a legacy of... yeah, we don't know either. We make an appeal for people to get involved.

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