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Community Solutions Podcast

Sep 12, 2018 Cities are pretty much known for raising your taxes every year. They incrementally spend a little more and a little more. They may throw in some bonding for big projects, franchise fees, permits, and a general assessment, and it's all meant to keep your property taxes low by hiding these taxes somewhere else. Other cities just go for it. Some cities are so bad, that they continually get used as an example by surrounding cities to say "at least we're not that bad". New Hope is one such city. They have set their initial property tax levy at for 18.99% 2019! Why do they do it? Because no one will stand up and challenge them. No one runs for office to challenge the incumbents. Listen to how bad it gets when no one cares enough to challenge the status quo. You may say it's not a big deal because the economy is good. What happens when the economy tanks and your city is double digit million of dollars in debt. Don't let this happen to your city.

We also discuss the charges against Keith Ellison, and what that means to his run at Minnesota Attorney General. While we agree that everyone deserves to face their accuser and be considered innocent until proven guilty, we were surprised at the lengths the Star Tribune went to cover for Rep. Ellison instead of do any investigative journalism to uncover the facts to get down to the truth.

In related news, Rep. Ilhan Omar has a laundry list of traffic/moving violations over the past few years, plus an ongoing investigation of violations of House rules and state law. We believe that due to the sheer number, that it exposes a more troubling trend. She obviously has no regard for our laws, yet we will most certainly send her to Washington to make them. We called her campaign for more information, and they refused to answer our questions. Do you think that she will protect the constitution that protects us?

How do you think this ends for us? The socialist "tear it down" crowd is getting stronger, and we need to stand now, more than ever. Where are our George Washingtons and Thomas Jeffersons? We need you, and we need you now. Please contact us.

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